The best for the gifted class: An Israeli gifted program was launched throughout Lithuania

IP Capital Group has launched a unique program for gifted education from kindergarten to university level, in cross-continental collaboration with Lithuanian University Vytautas Magnus. To date, dozens of lecturers and psychologists from universities and local schools have been trained by the Israeli staff.

The international program “Gifted” established by the Israeli-owned IP Capital Group was launched in collaboration with the leading university in Lithuania (VMU), following the success of the pilot last year, and has already attracted hundreds of participants in various study centers in Kaunas and throughout Lithuania.

The “Gifted” program was created to locate and promote gifted children from kindergarten, for emotional and intellectual education and to accompany them until they go to university. “Gifted” was established on the basis of a winning combination of an Israeli team of experts in education and psychology, and advanced technologies for diagnosis and smart learning that enable an interactive learning experience, based on the personal ability of each child.

The program is based on the Israeli model for educating gifted children, with adjustments to the Lithuanian needs for children aged 3-18, in order to create for the gifted child an advanced learning environment designed for his abilities and IQ. The program is accompanied by hundreds of Israeli and Lithuanian lecturers, psychologists and teachers, with an emphasis on an advanced learning environment such as summer camps for the gifted, counseling and seminars for student parents and more.

“The gifted are the next generation of leaders, researchers, and businessmen. In Lithuania, we know that in Israel we invest heavily in the country’s future, so the Israeli model for gifted education is very popular,” says Eli Fox, IP Capital’s developer and manager of advanced projects and technologies.

The gifted children are objectively diagnosed by a team of experts who have gone through seminars over long weeks, and have high learning abilities, mature thinking outside the box and are sometimes also sensitive to their environment. The assimilation in the childhood stage of knowledge and education can reach high achievements in the maturity stage of that child. Inadequacy of a curriculum for the gifted, can impair their motivation and even create social anxiety and loneliness. Developing the abilities of a gifted child requires a supportive and tailored environment by a team of experts.

Fox added: “We presented to the VMU University the Israeli model for locating, diagnosing and educating gifted children from kindergarten to university, and they immediately understood its importance for the future of Lithuania and future generations. Through the Israeli experience and excellence, we are already continuing to develop the program throughout Europe. “

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