Is a long-standing provider of sophisticated electro-optic solutions for persistent surveillance, Opened R&D Center In Lithuania .

Helping cities to become smarter  and responsive to fast changing environment.  Developing advanced, innovative technologies and solutions. “MyCity360 ITS Platform” is a part of the Smart Cities next generation Solution and is complimentary for autonomous transportation service.

Its areas of expertise allow for the implementation of planning projects, including: SUMP preparation of master plans and transportation master plans, transportation planning (on both national and regional levels).

Provides a unique portfolio of products for cybersecurity training, simulation, detection and response for the converged spectrum of IT and OT networks

Offers an advanced and fully autonomous unmanned aerial monitoring solution for perimeter security, at an affordable cost..

Cashless Payment & Remote Management for Automated Retail, Self-Service Kiosk, Micro-Markets, Unattended Vending, EV Charge Points, Coin-op Pulse, Mobile & IoT Wearables

Is one of the biggest, agriculture and food business groups across the Baltic States

Is a market leader selling rice, sugars, legumes, cereals, nuts, grains, baking products, Couscous, flakes and more.. to the Israeli Industry and retail market.

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