RENEWED! We invite you to the training “Trends in the education of gifted students”

International Lithuanian-Israeli Gifted Children’s Education Program and Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Education February 28 – March 2. Kaunas, V. Putvinskio st. 23, organizes trainings “Trends in the education of gifted students”.

The training will be led by Dr. Roza Leikin and Professor of the Department of Special Education and Learning Disabilities at the University of Haifa dr. Mark Leikin.

The topic of the first day of training is Talent and High Intellectual Potential: Models, Definitions and Paradigms. Participants will be introduced to the main models of talent and the characteristics of talented students will be included in these models. There will be creative activities to realize the intellectual potential.

The second day is dedicated to creativity as one of the key qualities of talent and key 21st century skills. Different methods of creativity and their role in identifying talent will be presented and discussed, and the biological basis of creativity will be discussed. Participants will be invited to a workshop to demonstrate tools for developing and evaluating creativity.

The training will be completed by the topic – Double exclusivity (2E students) – who are they? Can there be gifted students from special needs groups? Participants will be introduced to the concept of double exclusivity and the key features that contribute to double exclusivity. It will also discuss how gifted teachers need to teach gifted students. It is planned to discuss the knowledge and skills of teachers necessary for the education of gifted students.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity!

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