GIFTED CHILDREN On the fringes of the education system

There are no statistics on the number of gifted children not recognized in Lithuanian schools. But educators speculate that only one in two who have exceptional abilities gets the attention of teachers. Knowing more than classmates until recently was unpopular. Today, gifted children are increasingly gaining the respect of their peers, but cannot be proud […]

Primary teacher Nida teaches math to children by showing works by Pablo Picasso

Nida Juozaitienė, a primary school teacher who has been working for more than three decades, calls her work a constant creation, so it is not surprising that when she teaches children mathematics, she not only talks about numbers, but looks for connections with art. Working in a school that he himself graduated from Plans, God […]

„Gifted“ psychologists continue to meet with the parent community

At the start of February, Gifted psychologists are once again inviting parents of children attending the program to a meeting. We are waiting for you on February 9 from 18.00 to 19.30 in Kaunas (Vytautas Magnus University Botanical Garden, Ž. E. Žilibero St. 4, Great Hall, 2nd floor) or on February 15. day 18.30-20.00 in […]

Program „Gifted“ activities

This school year, Vilnius Gifted students are bustling behind the scenes of the National Opera and Ballet Theater almost every week. The theater opened a set of scenery and costume workshops for children, ballet and orchestra rehearsal spaces, and allowed them to see what was hiding under the stage and on its ceiling.After the trip, […]

RENEWED! We invite you to the training “Trends in the education of gifted students”

International Lithuanian-Israeli Gifted Children’s Education Program and Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Education February 28 – March 2. Kaunas, V. Putvinskio st. 23, organizes trainings “Trends in the education of gifted students”. The training will be led by Dr. Roza Leikin and Professor of the Department of Special Education and Learning Disabilities at the University […]

The best for the gifted class: An Israeli gifted program was launched throughout Lithuania

IP Capital Group has launched a unique program for gifted education from kindergarten to university level, in cross-continental collaboration with Lithuanian University Vytautas Magnus. To date, dozens of lecturers and psychologists from universities and local schools have been trained by the Israeli staff. The international program “Gifted” established by the Israeli-owned IP Capital Group was launched in collaboration with the leading […]